5 Essential Elements For lingerie

A Sexual arousal from having sexual intercourse by using a sleeping individual. SOUND: A skinny, sound metal rod designed to be inserted while in the urethra, generally like a Portion of a medical role Engage in.

home furniture + Greek philos adore): a certain sort of bondage coupled with utility D/s where somebody is bound and immobilized, after which utilised as home furniture, for instance a table or footrest.

BULLWHIP: A form of singletail consisting of the woven or braided leather whip, commonly longer than four' and often 6' extended or even more, with a short rigid take care of. Commentary:

SCARIFICATION: A sort of overall body modification involving chopping the pores and skin, generally in intricate or elaborate designs, in this kind of way which the therapeutic method leaves driving a everlasting scar.

HUMILIATION PLAY: Sexual arousal from actions which consist of an element of humiliation, disgrace, or humiliation for a number of from the individuals. Commentary:

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CARABINER: Any unit used to connect two chains or ropes alongside article one another, usually in the shape of a D-formed metallic ring which has a spring-loaded lever which might open up the ring.

SPANKING BENCH: A low bench, typically padded and infrequently Outfitted with restraints or tie-down details, around which a person could be bent or tied and spanked or flogged.

BOLERO STRAITJACKET: A particular variety of straitjacket intended with a gap in the entrance to expose the wearer's breasts.

COLLARED: The problem of having engaged inside a dedicated, prolonged-phrase partnership to a dominant, typically through a collaring ceremony of some variety.

BALL GAG: A gag consisting of the ball, generally made from rubber, that is connected to some strap. The ball is put within the mouth along with the strap is put round the head to carry it securely set up.

CINCH: one. To don a cincher, generally quite tightly and from time to time for a type of system modification. two. To tie with rope by producing many windings of rope around two limbs, or all over a limb and a set object, then passing a loop of rope across the windings. The loop of rope is utilized to control the tightness on the binding. three. To tie a cinch knot.

EVIL STICK: Colloquial An implement consisting of a skinny rod of carbon fiber, commonly with regards to the diameter of a mechanical pencil direct, hooked up to a small, rigid tackle.

EXECUTIONER'S HOOD: A specific form of hood, almost always product of leather-based, which addresses the head as well as the higher part of the wearer's face although not the wearer's mouth.

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